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We are a private swimming company founded and ran by two sisters, Fiona and Orlá. We have a passion for sport, fitness and living an all round healthy lifestyle and our goal is to help you take the next step to enhancing your life through swimming.

We have progressed through all the stages of swimming ourselves from being thrown in the water as babies to participating in competitions across Ireland and beyond.


With over 14 years of combined teaching experience and a lifetime of experience in the industry, we decided to start S.W.I.M. to share our knowledge with you so that you can take your swimming to the next level.

Here at S.W.I.M. we want to create a friendly, comfortable and relaxed environment where you can learn to swim, which is why we teach all of our lessons from private venues. 

We understand that everyone has different experiences with the water, which is why your lesson will be tailor-made just for you! We will also join you in the water for your lesson to give you the extra support and confidence that you need to get swimming.

Whether your goal is to become more confident in the water, learn basic life-saving skills, improve your health and fitness, get some helpful tips to improve your stroke, or to fulfil your dream of jumping off a boat in the Caribbean or scuba diving on the Gold Coast we want to work with you to make this a reality!


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